Dricrete 101

Whether you’re new to construction or an industry veteran, discover what makes Dricrete an invaluable partner for your next project/development.
New Construction


When you’re tackling a new construction project, it’s essential to
keep costs low and scheduling tight. That’s why Dricrete
Waterproofing Admixture is incorporated from moment one to
reduce the permeability of your concrete. Dricrete lets you get your
vision built without the hassle, expense, and delay of using a
waterproofing subcontractor — plus it only grows in strength and
effectiveness the longer it’s applied.

Dricrete Waterproofing Admixture will:

–Reduce permeability
–Provide autogenous crack-sealing capability
–Allow your concrete to breathe
–Protect against sewage and industrial wastes

Concrete Repair

Just because you didn’t build from the ground-up with Dricrete doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize our solutions. Reach out about our waterproofing consultation options, no matter what phase of completion your structure is in.

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Integrated Reinforcement

Looking to eliminate welded wire reinforcement (WWR) and conventional steel bars as secondary reinforcement? Our macrosynthetic fiber is designed to provide excellent finishability in shotcrete and slab-on-ground applications, while providing increased flexural toughness and increased impact/shatter resistance.

Explore Dricrete’s reinforcement solutions.

Wherever you need a robust foundation, Dricrete has your back.

All of our additives and coatings are perfect for…

–Underground Parking Structures

–Structural Foundations

–Sewage & Water Treatment Plants

–Underground Vaults

–Tunnel & Subway Systems

–and much more