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Dricrete is dedicated to providing top-tier service and efficiency across all of our projects, for every client. From our expert construction crews to our unbeatable 20-year guarantee, we do everything in our power to provide you with the best possible waterproofing experience. The next time you need the world’s best waterproofing solution, contact Dricrete.

Welcome to Dricrete

Since 2001, Dricrete has been a top supplier of waterproofed concrete solutions. Our cutting-edge hydrophilic additives use water to accomplish its own waterproofing. As a result, structures built with Dricrete actively improve in strength and integrity over time — saving you millions in construction/repair costs and weeks of valuable time.

We are dedicated to providing distinguished solutions and efficiency for every project. Through superior services and value adds, we build professional relationships with the same foundational strength of our incredible 20-year warranties. Ours is a business that puts clients first — elevating your project across every step of the construction collaboration.

No matter the scope or scale of your project, Dricrete is the perfect solution for you.


At the helm of dricrete is Tim Yeiser who founded this company over two decades ago. He saw how even the best-funded projects could drag on as a result of insubstantial waterproofing — costing their owners valuable time and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Tim realized that there had to be a better way to waterproof concrete, without the strain and expenses of building/maintaining membranes.

After learning about crystalline waterproofing technology, Tim brought this incredible product to market as Dricrete. We have grown into industry leaders and innovators with our solution for concrete waterproofing. Discover what Dricrete can do for your next project today!