The Dricrete Way

Hydrophilic Technology

Dricrete is a time-proven waterproofing solution, that amplifies your protection over time through hydrophilic technology. The autogenous crack-sealing technology happens by the absorption and use of water to build a protective crystalline structure — healing up any cracks or pores in your structure. The result? Significant Value Engineering dollars and weeks of time saved.

Why does Dricrete waterproof better than competitors?

At the core of Dricrete’s success is our proprietary crystalline waterproofing technology. Ask for our 3rd party testing evaluation documents. While most other waterproofing methods are hydrophobic, attempting to repel water right at the surface, our hydrophilic technology actually harnesses water as a catalyst — making it an essential element of the waterproofing process.

How does “crystalline waterproofing” actually work?

When a cement particle hydrates, it becomes a hard, solid mass. Crystalline waterproofing adds a second set of chemicals to the mixture that continue to react. So, like a cement particle, they continue to hydrate for the life of the structure. The end product is a non-soluble needle like structure — essentially, waterproof armor creating more sustainable concrete and preventing liquid from permeating its surface.

Any time that moisture comes in contact with the pores, capillaries, and shrinkage cracks of your structure, it becomes fuel to feed additional growth. Crystal formations seal up the cracks and protect these vulnerable spaces, becoming an integral part of your concrete in the process. Beyond keeping out water, they improve its overall strength and increase its lifespan, among other benefits. With just one simple solution, all your structure’s weak points are reinforced, plus an extra layer of protection against corrosive elements is added.

The Process

1 Safer

Dricrete takes the waterproofing trade off-site by creating waterproof concrete at the plant, beginning the process before the trucks arrive on the job. With zero labor needed onsite, Dricrete reduces risk on your project.

2 Smarter

By eliminating complex and time-consuming onsite trades that often delay projects by weeks or months, Dricrete always shaves precious time off construction schedules and helps projects finish sooner.  In fact, we’ve never delayed a job a single minute…not one!

3 Faster

Working in tandem with the concrete subcontractor in one coordinated movement, Dricrete doesn’t require any job site coordination meetings and takes work off the Project Manager’s plate so they can focus on other trades.

4 Cheaper

Dricrete is typically 30% below membrane labor and material costs, combined with the time saved on construction schedules, owners can save significant amounts of money in their pockets.